What is WordPress? For Beginner


Planning to create a website for your business. Want to learn about WordPress. This is the right place to get beginner information about the WordPress. So, let’s get started.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a simple way of creating a website and a blog. Almost half of all website on internet is powered by WordPress. Good part about WordPress is, it is free to use. You just need a hosting place for your WordPress to be installed. If you do want to host your WordPress in your local machine or don’t have hosting environment then you can go to wordpress.com to get started. At the time of writing this blog with $4/month you can get your personal plan at wordpress.com

Difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

Basically wordpress.org is a free, open-source only caveat is you need to install it in your own hosting environment. Good part is you are 100% owner of your website.

WordPress.com is still powered by wordpress.org but it is meant for-profit. With this you will lose much of flexibility of self-hosted WordPress.

Who is WordPress for?

In general, WordPress manages to fulfill any kind of business need for a website. People think WordPress is for blogging but it has grown where you can host your e-commerce, business, blog, portfolios, Forums, Membership website. Pretty much any type of website that you can think of could be developed with WordPress, with help of paid or free plugins. Some of the website that use WordPress is The White House, Sony Music

What are plugins?

WordPress plugins are add-on packages (in this case piece of software) where you could upload your own code or download from wordpress.org/plugins marketplace which has been coded by different developers. There are plugins for different needs. Like if you want to create an e-commerce site then you could download Woo Commerce plugins. If you want your website to shown in google you could use Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugins. Literally their thousands of plugins out there that you can use according to your need. Some are free version and some are paid. 

Getting started with plugins is simple, from your WordPress dashboard you could click on plugins and start searching for plugins that you need for you website.

What is Theme?


WordPress themes are design framework, that allows your website look more presentable. Through this you can change your website color, fonts, header, footers and so on. As plugins there are thousands of themes out there. By default, WordPress comes with its own theme. As plugins there are paid and free version of theme in WordPress marketplace. With the help of theme developing website is much easier.

Getting started with themes are simple too. From your WordPress dashboard click on Appearance. From there you can either search for new themes or you can upload your own theme.

Is WordPress good option for my need?

WordPress is not the only way you can create your website, there are lots of technology out there that you can use but if you do not want to start coding from scratch, and you want your website to be up and running quickly WordPress is one of the ways to develop your website.

As always, their if you are learning new technology, we need to spend some time on getting familiarizing our self with the technology. WordPress is easy to setup and use but sometime you will be spending more time learning then running your business. It is always a good idea to hire a professional if you are new this, but also is a good idea to learn about the WordPress so you know what kind of services you are getting from the professional.

If you think you need some help setting up your business website you can definitely contact us or email us at support@duwal.com. We will provide free consulting for your business need.


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What is WordPress? For Beginner

Planning to create a website for your business. Want to learn about WordPress. This is the right place to get beginner information about the WordPress.

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