Adding Credit Card to your Dashboard

With our new and improved user dashboard adding/updating is much easier. 

Login into your account and once you are in your Dashboard click on your name on top right corner. 


Then click on Payment Methods and you will see following page loaded. If you have your card loaded you will see list of credit card but if you have not added credit card you have to click "Add New Credit Card" button


After clicking "Add New Credit Card" button you will see following page.

We had to highlight our one of the address due to privacy concern. Please fill up your credit card information below.


If you have not added address click on Add a new address button and following popup will appear.


Once you fill your address click save changes and you will take back to payment page. Once everything is fill up click save changes button. After that you will be redirected to your Payment Method page where you can see your credit card list. 




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