15 Easy Steps on How to Install WordPress with duwal.com

WordPress Install

Install WordPress with duwal.com

Welcome to another blog on how to get started with WordPress. If you are wanting to know what is WordPress is please see our following blog post What is WordPress? For Beginner.

In this blog you will learn how to install WordPress in your cPanel. For this setup we will be using duwal.com hosting environment. If you do not have account with duwal.com you can get started here. If you already have hosting environment with other services you can also follow along with this setup guide good part, is you can skip to step 4. So, lets get started.

  • Go to duwal.com and click on account and login to your account.
  • Once you Log into your account click on the service. (If you have not bought service with duwal.com you can follow along this blog)
  • Login Page
  • Service
  • Click on your service and you on the Right corner of the page under Actions click on “Login to cPanel”. Then you will be redirected to your cPanel. For future you could also use your following link to go into cPanel. www.{yourdomain}.com:2083
  • DashBoard
  • Once in your cPanel Dashboard scroll down to Softaculous apps installer.
  • cPanelDashboard
  • Softaculous App
  • From here you can install any kind of app you wish to your server. But for our case we will be installing WordPress so click on WordPress.
  • Once you click on WordPress, you will be taken to Softaculous dashboard. From there you will see the options to install different kinds of apps.
  • You have multiple ways to install wordpress don’t worry it is not so complicated I promise.
  • WordPress Install
  • If you click on Install you will see 2 options “Quick Install” and “Custom Install” you can follow either one.
  • I prefer doing custom install so click on custom install but you could do Quick Install as well.
  • Choose desire version of WP to install in my case I am going with 5.7.1.
  • Install WordPress
  • For your installation url chose protocol at https://www. And choose domain name that you want to install on. Finally for the InDirectory, if you want your website to shown in root directory I will leave this blank else you can assign any directory you want. Meaning if you want your website be www.(yourdomain).com or www.(yourdomain).com/directory.
  • Fill in rest or the info. Don’t worry about the name that much since you will be able to change that later on.
  • But make sure you save in your admin username and password for future reference.
  • That’s if scroll down and click on Install. Don’t worry about the theme as well that you can change later in WordPress itself.
  • Once installation is complete you can navigate to yourdomain.com/wp-admin and login with the admin username and password.

There you go now you have installed WordPress in your cPanel by yourself. You deserve a drink and a break before you start on next project on how to start blogging and creating a website you desires. If you are interested on checking out different theme and plugs that is being hosted in WordPress that you can get it for free of cost. WordPress is a great tool to start building your blog or website but before that you still need to familiarize your self with WordPress. With any new technology you will always have a learning curve.

That’s if for the installation process. That was not so bad right, if you want to learn more about WordPress stay tuned for our upcoming blog. Or you can always sign up to receive notification from us when we post any new blog or video.

At duwal.com we do provide customer specific need to create your e-commerce to simple appointment taking website.


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